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Flagship Advantage

The Flagship Advantage

Grimes Insurance & Financial Services has developed a unique concept for businesses called the Flagship Advantage™ . The advantage for business owners and top management is a single source of accountability for their insurance needs and enhanced customer service.

Flagship Advantage™ Partners will receive increased value brought about by unparalleled service, new or enhanced capabilities and a consultative approach to asset protection, planning and growth. Contact us to find out how to become a partner in Flagship Advantage™.

Flagship Partner Profile

  • No Gap Analysis
  • Tailored Client Survey
  • Insurance Marketplace Review
  • Client Account Placement
  • Lifetime Financial Plan

Single Source Advantage

  • Asset Planning Experts
  • Asset Protection Experts
  • Asset Growth Experts
  • Single Source Accountability

Flagship Service Guarantee

  • Compliance Check
  • Client Information Protection
  • Combined Statement of Coverage
  • Client Renewal Checklist
  • Dedicated Service Team
  • Quarterly Insurance Newsletter
  • Client Assistance Plan
  • Claims
  • Benefit Enrollment
  • Audit
  • Employee Selection
  • Billing
  • Contract Reviews
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