7 Things You Should Know About Cyber Liability

Why Cyber Liability and Data Breach Coverage Could Save Your Business Here’s a worrying statistic: More than half of small companies go out of business with six months of having their computer systems hacked. One of the key reasons: They don’t have cyber liability and data breach insurance. They simply cannot meet the costs of […]

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Emergency Preparedness in Georgia

How to Safeguard Yourself and Your Family During an Emergency It’s a tragic truth that when a natural disaster strikes, it’s usually too late to start thinking about how you’re going to deal with it. Having your emergency preparedness plan ready is your key to deal with such catastrophes. The time to prepare for hurricanes, […]

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Courteous Driving Could Save You from Road Rage

How Safer, Courteous Driving Could Save You from Road Rage — and Injury As our highways get busier and busier and consumer lifestyles get faster and faster, Georgia road rage incidents are rocketing. Already this year we’ve seen violence and even alleged murder on our roads after angry skirmishes between frustrated drivers. In fact, Atlanta […]

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