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Why Choose Grimes Insurance For Flood Insurance?

As a consumer you want a Flood Insurance Agent who is knowledgeable and is willing to look out for your best interest. The trouble with most insurance companies is that your best interests and theirs don’t usually see eye to eye. They may know of a company that could give you better Flood Insurance for your money, but they are not going to tell you because they want your business. Because Grimes Insurance is an independent insurance provider offering over 25 different carriers, we are able to align your best interest with ours. Since we can shop over 25 carriers to see which has the best rates for YOU on Flood Insurance, we can do what is in your best interest and still make a profit. There is a reason that 9 out of 10 people who receive quotes from Grimes Insurance end up going with us for their Flood Insurance needs.

To flood or not to flood, that is the question

At Grimes Insurance clients all the time ask if it is recommended to take out a flood insurance policy.I usually then try to determine if there are any risks around their property like a retention pond or maybe their property is near a body of water or on a slope. if they are not in a special flood zone that just means the risk of having a flood is very slim.

Now if you have a mortgage and are in a special flood zone you will be required to carry a flood insurance policy. If you own your property outright, then it is up to you whether or not to choose to secure the coverage. People who are not in a special flood zone who choose to take out a flood insurance policy will be eligible for a preferred flood policy at a discounted rate.

I will tell you a quick potential claim story of someone who was not in a special flood zone and chose not to secure a preferred flood policy.  If you have lived in Florida for any length of time you know that we tend to have crazy weather patterns. I recall in 1998 that we were going through an El Nino season where it rained non-stop for 3 straight weeks.

One of my clients who lived right next to a retention pond saw the water rise everyday in the pond until it started overflowing into the street and onto his property.  He had to put about 400 sand bags on the side of the house nearest the retention pond to avoid it from coming into his home.  As the rain continued he eventually had to enclose his house with sand bags and also had to have a pump take out the water that seeped through. He survived and was victorious in keeping the water out of his home.  He said he literally never worked so hard in his life and hoped he would never have to go through that again. he ended up taking out a flood policy the next week.

Enormous Loss

If you are not convinced about the importance of flood insurance ask the fine folks in Louisiana is they think flood insurance is important.  Little did people realize when they got flooded in Louisiana that homeowner insurance does not cover flood or rising waters from an outside source. all those people without flood coverage lost their homes with no insurance recourse.   Three things: It happened so fast. This area had never been flooded before, ever. And three, you have no flood insurance.

Do not let yourself ever be placed in this position. Starting with a home displacement for an indefinite period of time to the enormous replacement costs, you have too much to lose.

In fact, loss due to flooding can be very expensive. A rule of thumb is that each inch of flooding will cost the unprotected over $7,000. The last thing you need are worries on how to pay for the flood damage. You do not want to add the anguish you already feel.

Contact Grimes Insurance and receive a thorough education on how works in Atlanta. We will review what it covers (appliances and items inside the home) and what it does not (decks and items outside the home).

Grimes Insurance

Atlanta flood insurance protection is meaningless after a flood. Plus, every flood insurance policy carries a 30 day waiting period before it can take effect. So act now!

At Grimes Insurance we have insured the residents and business of Atlanta from unpredictable flooding since 2008. It is one of the specialties of our agency. We will make sure we share all of our knowledge with you.

When you can minimize risk from flooding for such a small cost, you have to do it. You have to protect your family and your assets. Complete the Protection Savings Form today for a quote. The flood insurance veterans at Grimes Insurance will forever ease your fears of flooding.

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