JATC Insurance

Insurance for Training Directors and Committee members of JATC Programs

Apprenticeship training is vital for many trade occupations today. For example, electrical workers, plumbers, pipe fitters, and sheet metal workers must have specific training and on the job experience to qualify for the best union jobs. JATC and JATT programs are there to help with valuable training services.  In fact, these Programs have unique needs when it comes to covering their risk factors, and it’s important to have insurance professionals working hard for you and looking out for your best interests. If not, your organization could have problems like the one in our example story.

The JATC Training director Fred received a complaint from an apprentice that they were being harassed on the job site and in the school. Fred took action with the students in the school to prevent the harassment from continuing to occur. Fred did not contact the job site the apprentice was working or the contractor for the job site as he was not directly in control of that situation.

The harassment continued and worsened on the job. The apprentice then sued the JATC and the Contractor. The JATC did not have the proper Employment Practices Liability Insurance coverage and they had no defense costs covered by the insurance company. The Trust ended up paying over $120,000.00 in attorney’s fees.

Fred thought he had sufficient liability coverage through the policy, but it only offered limited coverage.  As a result this caused financial hardship and reputation damage for some time. This could have been avoided with the right JATT/JATC insurance coverage.

What is JATC Insurance?

JATC’s have special concerns and needs that differ from other trade schools. Policies must be customized to cover the unique position and risks that a JATC/JATT encompass.

Who Needs This Coverage?

Apprenticeship schools that are a part of trade union and contractor association joint programs to provide training and apprenticeship opportunities need this insurance. This includes the board of trustees and committee members.

What is Standard Coverage?

A typical policy may include these coverage items:

  • Cyber insurance – valuable protection from data breaches. If someone steals personal information from trainees, it could cause serious problems for an organization.
  • Fiduciary including Coverage for DOL (Department of Labor) investigation
  • D&O – directors and officers’ insurance protects your business from problems caused by inappropriate actions of your directors or officers.
  • Property and General Liability coverage for the location and the JATC’s physical assets.

Coverage Options

As an approved JATC/JATT training program you could have a number of unique insurance needs, including:

  • Student discrimination lawsuits – protects you from people claiming you denied them enrollment for improper reasons.
  • Educator’s liability insurance – protects you from claims of improper training that resulted in damages.
  • Valuable papers coverage to recreate student records lost due to a covered loss.

The Importance of Using Insurance Specialists

When you come to Grimes Insurance Agency, you have the benefits of insurance people who specialize in needs like JATC/JATT commercial insurance. We have been insuring JATC/JATT programs for over 20 years, and we understand your risk factors better than most local insurance agents. We know that coverage needs can vary a great deal according to each situation and we have all the options for you.

It’s important to talk to insurance specialists because we sit down with you and go over all your current coverage. If there are problems, we show you how to correct them.
The staff at Grimes Insurance Agency is here to give you the most affordable and complete insurance options. We are an independent insurance agency and not tied down to one company. We can find you the best coverage at the most reasonable rates.

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